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We have a purpose built library and teacher resource building on site. Our library officer helps keep this facility up to date with new and exciting resources for students and staff. 

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Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is a room that has been created in order to implement sensory programmes that address a student’s identified sensory needs. The room provides opportunities for students to engage in prevention and de-escalation strategies as well as offering a nurturing, person centred and sensory supportive environment to facilitate empowerment, relaxation, sensory awareness, communication and general awareness of themselves, their peers and the environment.


Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is 10 x 6 meters. The temperature of the pool is between 33-34 degrees. It has steps and a chair hoist for access and a ceiling hoist that connects from the pool to the male and female change rooms. It is 1.1 – 1.4 meters deep.

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Therapy Room

The Therapy Room is an area where students can utilise equipment that is a needed as part of their sensory or physical programmes. It houses therapy equipment essential for the needs of students requiring physiotherapy and occupational therapy and is an area that visiting therapists can utilise when working with the students. Housed in the Therapy Room is also the Niagara Fairyland equipment that was kindly donated to the school including the Train and the Bulldozer, both equipped with massage seating. There is also a therapeutic armchair and massage mats and wands.


Life Skills Centre - Independent Living Centre

In our secondary campus we have a purpose built Independent Living Centre (ILC) which is the hub for students learning to build their independent living skills before transitioning to life after school. This building is set up like a “house” with a fully functioning kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We have also added furniture to the ILC to create a bedroom, dining and living room.


The ILC also provides a space for our “Busy Beans Café” enterprise. Employees (students) of Busy Beans Café make a selection of hot drinks for staff to order and cook delicious treats to accompany them. We have purchased a substantial coffee machine and kitchen appliances for students to develop their hospitality and retail work skills.


On-site Work Stations

We have developed four sustainable on-site work stations that provide students in our secondary campus with employability and industry work skills which will transfer to off-site work placements, employment and/or volunteering opportunities available to our students’ post school. The four stations are Horticulture, Busy Beans Café, Recycling and Business and Cleaning Services. Each site runs a “Business” and students rotate through these businesses being trained and mastering skills which can then be transferred to off-site placements. 

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Vegetable and Fruit


The school’s vegetable garden is a magnificent place to be. Students has such pride in working in the garden


Bike Track

We have a purpose built bike track with multiple bikes and scooters  that students take turns riding. It is a great way to expel some energy or fulfil a sensory need.


Specialised Equipment

We boast a variety of specialised equipment to support student independence and ability. Some of which include a: Liberty Swing (for students in wheel chairs), modified exercise equipment and multiple resources to assist with inclusion in with daily tasks and living.

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